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DromeDairy Naturals™ Camel Milk Powder is manufactured by the AL Ain Dairy in the United Arabs Emirates.

DromeDairy Naturals™ Camel Milk Powder is the newest superfood to hit the U.S. Market.

1 - 400 Gram Bag

400 Gram Bag

2 - 250 Gram Box (10 packets)

250 gram box (10 - 25g servings)

3 - 25 Kilogram

25 Kilogram



USA Today's article "Milking Camels for the Next Superfood" cites camel milk's nutritional benefits:

  • Three times higher in vitamin C than cow's milk and 10 times higher in iron.
  • Contains more healthy fat and protein than cow's milk.
  • Contains no beta lacto-globulin or beta casein, which may cause lactose allergies.
  • The levels of potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, sodium and zinc are higher in camel's milk than in cow's milk.
  • Higher in unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins.

Pre-Order DromeDairy Naturals

DromeDairy Naturals is currently accepting pre-orders for all sizes.

The first shipment of 250g and 400g should arrive in April 2017. The first shipment of bulk bags (25kg) should arrive in March 2017.